Maximise your potential with Human Performance Strategist Dr Craig Duncan

Dr. Craig introduces a revolutionary approach to performance enhancement with his Self-Science philosophy, emphasizing the ‘N of 1’ concept—a study of you, by you. 


Maximise your potential with Dr. Craig Duncan. Experience transformative coaching that empowers, inspires, and leads you to be your best.

Keynote Speaker

Elevate your event with Dr. Craig Duncan, a captivating keynote speaker who blends insights from International sport, science and personal development to inspire growth, resilience, and peak performance.


Dr. Craig Duncan, acclaimed author of 'Self-Science: A Study of You by You,' invites you on a journey of self-discovery to unlock the full potential of your personal and professional life.

About Dr Craig Duncan​

Welcome to the official website of Dr. Craig Duncan, a globally recognised authority in Human Performance Science. Dr. Duncan's unparalleled passion for unlocking the full potential of organisations, teams, and individuals has established him as a leader in the field of performance optimisation. Through his innovative and holistic approach, he has significantly contributed to the cultivation of high-performing teams across a myriad of environments.

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Unlocking Peak Performance

Unlocking Peak Performance

leadership and coaching

Unlock the transformative power of Self-Science with our range of workshops and courses designed to cater to a variety of needs, from personal development to professional growth. Each offering is crafted to help you or your organisation navigate the complexities of human performance, leveraging the 'N of 1' concept to ensure a deeply personalised learning experience.

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