Do you strive to win at the expense of others? Or do you give more to others at the expense of yourself?

As in most aspects of life, both ends of the spectrum will cause problems but it is evident that people and those in leadership positions that have a focus on the common good and what is right for the team rather than themselves will create more positive environments.

Have you had a leader that was more focused on what was best for them than the objectives of the organisation and you as an employee? Have you had a parent or partner that was more focussed on what was good for themself at the expense of you?

Alternatively, have you had a leader that was really interested in what was best for you, listened to you and focussed on what was the best way to achieve the desired objective?

If you have had a leader with a “we, not me” attitude I’m sure you would have been appreciative.

We are all leaders in some aspect of our life and a “we, not me” attitude will gain you significant respect from those following you.

Furthermore, a focus on “We not Me” with respect to how we treat others and act in our communities will make the world a better place.

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