Have you identified your purpose? It’s a lifelong journey to find than pursue our goal in life, and it takes significant work. However, many people fail to begin the journey and are often more interested in watching others travel through life.

It is a 1 in 400 Trillion chance an individual is born, so with these extraordinary odds, there is a reason we are all here.

We will never find this reason if our focus is on someone else journey. Unfortunately, many follow someone’s journey, not as a supporter but waiting for them to fail or even playing an integral role in helping them fail.

Your purpose can be identified through daily reflection and taking time to identify your strengths and what you love to do. When you can find the intersection of these two critical variables, you can start living your life directed to a purposeful outcome.

Finding your purpose won’t happen quickly, and it may change numerous times. Be curious and excited in your search but most importantly start looking now.

Always remember hoping for someone’s demise is a terrible way to live life, and more importantly, you have your race to run, your journey and ultimately, your purpose for being here.

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