The problem of pride

Pride is a major issue in all of our society and the sooner we eradicate it the better. Its a problem that has been with us since DAY 1 but with a individually focussed effort we can make a difference.

Pride effects every single one of us. Pride kills not only our own potential but can also have a major impact on everyone we work with. If your too proud too listen to alternative views, or your too proud to let go of control than I can assure you the service you are offering is not great.


Pride is alive and well in every sporting organisation and the people that suffer most are the players or athletes. If a sports scientist has too much pride to listen to a physiotherapist or medical doctor than the players/athlete suffers. Alternatively, if coaching staff are too proud to listen to different methods of training then again the player/athlete suffers.

It is amazing that we all just can’t work together productively in all walks of life. It is time to make a stance and let go of our control, open our ears to other opinions and start advancing what we do. Just because you have been doing it one way for many years doesn’t mean this is the only way. If our ancestors had thought like this we probably would be still be riding donkeys.

I challenge you to reflect on why you don’t listen (we all do it) and what is stopping you from advancing. We all have unique qualities and none of us have ALL the qualities so we need each other to solve the puzzles and maximise the potential of the people we work with.