The Program – Part 1

Where do you start when you are putting your program together?

The first step in any program is RESEARCH. Completing as much research or investigation to determine exactly what is required to maximise performance. It depends on the situation you are in but if you are working with a team the first research to be conducted involves the manager and coaching staff.

At the end of the day you are preparing a team for your manager so you need to understand exactly what he wants, what he believes are weaknesses and what he wants improved.

A team is a group of individuals so you must take an individual approach. Therefore I believe it is imperative to have individual meetings with every player so you can get their feedback on what they believe are their strengths and weaknesses. Its also vital to investigate the players training history and their likes and dislikes. You will get more “buy in” from players if they have input into their program.

The tools you have to work with must also be investigated. By this I mean what facilities are available and how can they be used. For example is your strength training facility able to have the entire squad training at the same time, what equipment is available and what is the budget if new equipment is required etc.

Its important to be mindful of having an athlete centred approach to programming and all the work you do. I have stated many times that we are in the service business so we often need to listen more and talk less. If we get the right information we can complete a great program but too often we think we know what is best when we haven’t completed the necessary research.