The rehab journey

Our work would not exist if it wasn’t for athletes. Although they can often frustrate you just as students frustrate teachers, the FACTS are we need them more then they need us, and our work is all about giving the BEST possible SERVICE to the athletes we work with.

There is nothing worse for a player then to be injured and having to go through the REHAB process. Every athlete wants and needs to compete and without that opportunity it is like being a CAR that never gets the chance to be driven.

Working in the professional sport environment it is easy to become desensitised to the individual athlete going through difficult times. After all professional sport is all about winning and a long term injured athlete is not going to help you win BUT this athlete needs us more than ever.

It is a distressing time – a time where there seems no end to the REHAB road – a time where the player is very much alone, away from their team mates and distanced from the joy of doing what they are born to do.

This is where the true meaning of SERVICE comes into play. These players need us and must be constantly reminded that the REHAB road is getting shorter – they need us when they are down and they need us to reassure them that they will get UP and return better than ever.

We should NEVER forget the HUMAN side to what we do – athletes are PEOPLE before being an ATHLETE and must be treated with the same respect as you would give a cherished family member and this is particularly true for that athlete in REHAB.