Wasting time

We are all going to die.If that short sentence takes your breath away or makes you feel uneasy its time to make some changes. The fact is WE are not going to live forever and so its time to make the most of what we have.

Too many days are lost on worrying about what we can’t control, gossiping about people we can’t change and being sad because we are not happy. It is TIME to make a stance and realise that we are just WASTING way to much time. Its time to realise that

  1. Worrying will never win any battles
  2. Gossiping will never have any positive outcomes, and
  3. We have so much to be happy for

Our issues often come from looking IN rather than focussing OUT. What have you done for others lately? What are you doing for society? Do you realise just how lucky you are?

Life is too short for wasting time and its time for us to enjoy every minute and make the most of every day as you never KNOW how many you have left.