The race to be more productive is everywhere in our society from business to government and everywhere in between. There is much emphasis on improving work flow, systems and technology to support the constant strive for MORE output.

However, a vital cog in the productivity race is missing and that is the Humans that are targeted to be more productive. It is unfortunate that we know more about the functioning of the machine, the computer, the nearly everything than we do about the Humans operating and working with them.

Does this make any sense at all?

Obviously NO but it would seem attempts to improve corporate wellbeing and health have missed the mark. The once a year executive medical check up gives little insight into the physiological/psychological daily functioning of an employee. The need to know and understand the real-time STATE (ST8X) of workers is vital if organisations really want to make a difference in the output of employees.

Isn’t it time that more respect is given to Humans than Machines

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