Human assets

When we think about asset management we often think of our financial assets and little more. Companies also think about managing their non-human assets far more regularly than they think about those that actually do the managing of these assets. It is now time we refocus our attention and put more effort into the managing of the most important asset and that is those that work for us as it should be the priority of any employer to maximise the potential of every person that works for them.

If corporations focus on human potential maximisation than performance maximisation will follow.

In my field of professional sport it never ceases to amaze me that relatively small amounts of time and money is spent on the management of the human asset – The Player. Large amounts of money is spent on paying the player but in comparison little is spent on maintaining and enhancing this athlete.

How many times in sport do you see large amounts of money spent on the purchase of a player only to see the value decrease rapidly when performance has not been maximised.

Injury to players costs the employer money and stress and sickness of workers costs the employer money. If we can reduce the negative, costs will decrease and performance will increase BUT first we must change the lens and start viewing our employees as an Asset and Assets need to be effectively managed and maintained if potential is to be maximised.

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