Self Awareness

Self-awareness is one of the most critical and undervalued skills in life. In fact, the absence of self-awareness is a major reason why people do not maximize their potential.

 I’m passionate about people becoming self-aware 24/7 x 365 and knowing or being aware what ST8 (Physiological/Psychological State) they are in at all times.

 Change your ST8 you can change the World 

You may have had a bad sleep and unaware of the associated fatigue and consequences that could arise. Even the smallest problem may “set you off” and before you know it you have are having a “bad day”.

Problem is MOST people are so unaware that they forget its got nothing to do with the “day” its all got to do with the poor sleep you had the night before.

A self-aware person recognizes this from the “get-go” and realizes that they may be

more sensitive due to the sleep issues this is the first stage in maximizing performance.

 Knowing your ST8  is the first step in changing or managing your ST8 so you can turn potentially “bad days” into “great days”


Performance X

Every person in every walk of life needs to perform to some level. In most instances people want to maximise their performance BUT it is often difficult in this “information age” to know where to start.  The first step requires a basic analysis as to what outcome you desire and than work backwards. This basic concept of starting with the “end in mind” will serve you very well in most aspects of life and is vital if you are to maximise your performance.

The basis of the Performance X model in that the X is YOU and what works for me may not work for you and that to be successful the performance strategy MUST be individualised. 

To often performance experts use a one size fits all approach and this is why people find it difficult to maintain a set regime. There are the basic “Gold Standards” to maximise performance in any area of life and these start with making sure physiologically and psychologically we are at our best.

Maximising sleep, regular exercise and sound nutrition are all acknowledged cornerstones of performance BUT if the strategy is not individualised than adherence will be low. There is absolutely no point telling a person they MUST sleep 8 hours, eat a certain way or spend an hour a day exercising if this is not going to be completed.

It is far better to work with the person  to identify what performance strategy can be integrated into their lifestyle and works with their personality.

Every person can improve their performance it just requires a strategy that is individualised and flexible.